Smart concrete

Our experiment is based on a collaboration between three institutions. The CEA (Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique) is a French institution involved in research and development of advanced technology in the field of energy, electronics, nanotechnology and biotechnology. The schools of architecture of Lyon and Black Mountain Office. Our objective is to evaluate a smart concrete. A one to one scale demonstrator has been achieved. We embed electronics components, leds and sensors, inside a slab made with Ductal©. A luminous pattern was casted inside concrete, the implementation is interactive and the lights are evolving in function of the action of the subject.


Objectives and expectations :

The prototype is used for three main evaluations. We have evaluated the method of casting and the way of incorporating micro-electronics during concrete casting. We have evaluated the electronic behaviour inside the concrete and the maximal concrete thickness through which waves could operate. We are considering the performances over time. Starting from this demonstrator new possible applications have to be identified.


Dissemination :

Interactive Concrete Surface, An exploration of smart materials
Marin P., Blanchi Y., ACE14, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Singapore, March 2014.

Marin P., Blanchi Y., Guiga A., Digital Materiality: an experiment with smart concrete, Rethinking the Human in Technology-Driven Architecture, Chania, Crete, 30-31 August 2011

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